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Passion is in the pursuit of learning and practice in a field of interest. Healing and psychic work is our passion and what we strive to research and continually notice the connections we have with each other and with the universe. Compassion is what we bring to you and your situation with whatever situation you’re dealing with right now. We are here to support you through it.

About Gabby



Psychic, Healer, Coach

My main goal is to help you trust you again. Heal hurt from the past and achieve better mental clarity. Finally find what you want in your life and create it in reality. Discover the zen in your universe.

Hi, I’m Gabby and I am a healer, psychic and coach.

When you invest in a healing, coaching session, or psychic reading, you enter into a deeply personal relationship with your reader. You feel hurt by people. You feel betrayed. Worst of all, you feel like your life has no personal or professional direction. These aren’t things which you can just to say to anyone. What you need is a psychic with a proven track record for accuracy and a real commitment to conscientiousness.

Guidance In Any Situation

I’m Gabrielle and I’m not just a psychic. Spirit has bestowed the title of Shaman to me after nearly 40 years of difficult life experiences. I have been through rough times and has sought to learn how to heal myself and others through professional experience. I have learned what it takes to truly heal while also balancing work and family. I am an Usui Reiki Master, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Transformational Meditation Teacher, and a professional Life Coaching expert.

What I do best is to guide you through any situation you’re in right now to develop a clear vision and action plan to reach your goals and manifest what you desire in business and relationships.

Learning To Trust Yourself Again

Many of my clients have endured trauma or negative experiences and they have a hard time trusting themselves in decision-making and manifesting what they truly want in life. They also have a hard time trusting other people, or they trust easily and give their heart to someone only to have yet another negative experience.
Often, my clients experience anxiety and depression, and their lives are affected because of the grief, loss, and experiences they’ve had with their parents and other relationships.

I’m here to help guide anyone who is feeling lost and in the dark right now through to see a new light of possibility and gain the confidence they need to create the future they see for themselves. I’ve struggled through tough times and relationships also and Spirit has led me through and given me the title of Shaman. Now I am here to help you.

I treat readings with full confidentiality. I use my ability to identify the most accomplishable and rewarding parts of your future. I then teach you how to achieve different temporal goals by learning how to let go, resolve inner conflicts, and revive yourself spiritually. In fact, this is precisely why I am regularly praised for the level of aftercare I provide people I work with.

Gabby’s Experience

Gabby has worked as a psychic and healer since 2008 online and in person. She has helped numerous clients feel better, find soul mates, and discover their life purpose. She also has helped with easing spirits to the other side, and has brought comfort to those who have lost loved ones. She can see what will happen in the future, and the different paths you can take to make conscious decisions based on what your soul is speaking to you.

She is also a certified business consultant with experience serving in the online industry since 2006. She has worked with many coaches, healers, lawyers, small to large corporations, local and national businesses.
Gabby helps sole proprietors and corporations increase their leads and sales and frequently receives testimonials from clients who are enjoying success in their business. She enjoys using a blend of intuition, research and analytics to learn what people want, how they like to connect, and ways to keep them engaged in the community. With experience in online marketing, she has a knack for helping her clients find and use their strengths.

At the root some of her clients’ struggle, she finds negative experiences and trauma holding them back from achieving their dreams. As a constant learner and leader, she studies a range of healing techniques from art therapy, counseling, to neuroscience to bring effective healing treatments to clients through understanding the way the brain works in response to trauma and negative experiences.

She’s also held a Director of Marketing position with a local scuba business that included online marketing, building the dive club fan base, and selling scuba travel to places like the Florida Keys, Crystal River, Bonaire, and Galapagos. And yes, Gabby loves to scuba dive!

She is a certified Life Coach, Remote Viewer, Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach and Energy Healer. Through a 10-month internship with award-winning mental health facility, Skyland Trail, she used evidence-based practices to provide treatment to clients with mental disorders including Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, and Bipolar types I and II. She currently uses this experience to guide clients in techniques to overcome limits in strategizing their ideal business model.

She’s helped individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs since 2006. She holds certifications as a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Certified Master Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Scan Practitioner, psychic intuitive, and empath. She graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication and is currently studying for a Master’s of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy Counseling Degree.


  • Academy for Invincible Healers, Certified Energy Scan Healer Practitioner Level II, 2015
  • Certified Clairvoyant Psychic, Lynn McKenzie, 2014
  • Certified Past Life Regression & Hypnotist, Dr. Steve G. Jones, 2015
  • Certified NLP Coach, 2012

Reach The Next Level In Your Life

I can help you understand your life. The only question is, are you ready to grow and know the most important things about yourself?

You are the one with the most powerful ability during a reading. You have a divine soul already. All psychic readers like me can do is help you see different paths to manifesting your divinity.

I help people:

  • Know when love is worth pursuing & when it’s time to run from toxic relationships
  • Make better career & work decisions
  • Re-order their financial future for their long-term benefit
  • Understand complex problems with personal relationships at home and in the family

Due to the nature of life, some people won’t always be best served by the standard psychic readings which I provide. This is why if you do have a problem which is particularly complex in nature, I can invite you to discuss issues more in-depth.

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