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Gabby Conde – Healer, Psychic Medium

Hi! I’m Coach Gabby and I Am a Healer and Psychic Medium

If you’re looking for answers, need to know why something keeps happening in your life, and are ready to finally be free from limitations, then you’re in the right place. What you see on the screen only scratches the surface of what I can do to help you. We have all the tools we need. We have the universe on our side. Schedule a session with me and let’s get started.

30-Minute Session


1-Hour Session


Past Life Regression

Sessions last for 2 hours to include discussing the symptoms before the session and after the session integration.




And finally discover the universe is a safe place to be with awareness and consciousness of how to live your life in it. It’s finally time to stop feeling scared, stuck, and ignored. It’s time for you to live your life, the one you’ve always wanted, doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Start with these 5 ways to Think Zen, Be Zen and discover there’s a way to tap into your inner wisdom to make choices that benefit your well being.

“I came to Gabrielle because I felt challenged by a block in generating money and not sure what direction to go in for my career. I have always known how to create steady income, but lately felt unbalanced, not sure what to do. During the Energy Scan session, Gabrielle tuned in and confirmed that I am re-creating myself and going in a different direction. I felt guided to the right path during our session. I finally feel joyful and know what to do next. I had not felt that way in a long time. I appreciate her holding the space during our session to explore what was coming to the surface for me. Her positive energy helped me feel okay to talk about what I sensed was right for me and the new direction I wanted to go in. She helped me realize my inner strength and trust my Clairsentience. I feel more confident in realizing how I want to use my abilities in care giving service to the elderly. I feel it is a step in the right direction that will lead to fulfillment in my life.”

– Kathryn Halbleib-Wood

“She dove into the cracks and crevasses of the events of my life, and provided clarity, wisdom, solace, and powerful confirmation of my path. She simultaneously brought healing, and energizing focus that cleared blocks and illuminated the way.

She is filled with powerful grace, generosity of spirit, and exceptional insight. This is the work that will shine the light to point the way towards the path you intend to forge.”

‐ Deb Owen

“ABSOLUTELY with conviction Gabrielle is accurate and true. I thoroughly enjoyed this healing and to hear about a young memory that I had was amazing! My past life experience she picked up on is clarity for me. I have the gift of Clairvoyance and Mediumship. This makes me feel more confident in that this is a gift to be practiced!”

‐ Andy Benson

You’re meant for something big, and it starts here.

Discover how to listen to yourself and follow your soul’s roadmap in the adventure of life through meditative techniques, healing practices, and body awareness.

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