Follow Your Soul's Guidance

Discover how to listen to yourself through meditative techniques, healing practices, and body awareness.

Reach Your Goals

Find your inner wisdom to reach your goals.

Psychic Readings

Our psychics help you with your questions about life, love, relationships, money, and more to help you make the best decisions.


Feel anxious or low on energy? Release negative energy and shift into a joy with a healing. Release blockages in your energy.


Want to study how to use your psychic skills? We offer classes to help you in your goals.

How can I get started?

Check out one of these sections below to start thinking zen and being zen!



Get a psychic reading now where you’re at or on the go for guidance when you need it.

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Take your scheduling of a distance healing on the go with our easy to use booking system.

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We offer classes in psychic development and 30-Day Challenges.

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Our work in synergy brings you the latest intuitive technology

We’ll help you reach your life of fulfillment with the help of the Universe

Our services

See life more clearly. We believe in your body’s ability to guide and heal you. We teach you how to access wisdom from the universe through your body in our services.

We work in synergy with you and no session is ever the same twice We’re committed to your deep healing and goals for what you want to heal We work as advisors to help you heal any mental blocks to your goals We help you learn techniques to use whenever you need them


Here’s some of the services we offer to you. Check the Shop page for a listing of all services.


Free your mind from negative thought patterns and discover how to feel better through thinking zen.


Feel revitalized, manage your energy with healing and bring in more powerful, supportive energy from the universe.


We heal past negative experiences from this lifetime, in the womb, and from past lifetimes.

“Very strong and powerful advice that has shaken me. I needed help and I have gained clarity from Gabrielle. Thank you”

Jenn T.


Your Session

Let us help you! You can book any time using our convenient online booking system.

If you need an immediate reading, visit our Live Readings page.

30-Minute Session


1-Hour Session


Past Life Regression Sessions last for 2 hours to include discussing the symptoms before the session and after the session integration.


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Enjoy Feeling Good By Thinking Zen

From healing to hypnosis and NLP to psychic readings, our fully trained staff are here to provide you with the best support and guidance to help you find your inner wisdom and create your zeniverse.

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