Pick a card: Focus on the question: What does today hold in store for me? Pick 1, 2, or 3 and see reveal below.

If you have a specific question about your day, go ahead and ask before choosing the card. The right one will come to you as the one you need to choose.
Card # 1 – Page of Swords
Page of Swords Tarot Card
During the day, you’ll need to apply yourself to the tasks at hand. If you’re faced with a problem during the day, take the time to think through things one at a time and research the facts behind whatever issues you’re presented today. Be sure to clearly speak your truth today. Take the time to look for your feelings before blindly going with someone else’s plan. Make sure to check in with yourself first and then clearly communicate what you’re thinking and feeling with others today. If you see or hear something that you feel is innately against your beliefs today, stand up about it. Instead of complaining, see what you can do that may contribute value to the situation.

Card # 2 – 10 of Cups
10 of Cups Tarot Cards
Today, you may feel as if you’re on top of the world! Your relationships and family are happy and healthy. Take it in and breathe a sigh of relief for this feeling today. You’re experiencing peace and ease while counting your blessings. If you’ve experienced some restlessness in your family lately, know that peace and serenity is right around the corner… at least for one day! If you feel the need to call a truce with family members, go ahead and do it. If you feel that your family just needs to hear how much you love them and know this will help to create a peaceful atmosphere in your household, definitely tell them! They do need to hear that at times. Enjoy the moment of the day today.

Card # 3 – 4 of Pentacles

Today, you’re getting a load of the goods and money you’ve been waiting for. While you’re doing this, you’re looking at saving and holding onto what you have, but it may be a little too tight. You may want to maintain control and be in charge, but it’s doing more harm than good right now. By letting go, you create avenues for change and for better things to come in, opportunities. You can also then see the opportunities as they come to you instead of having tunnel vision focus on the way you think things should work out. Try to be in the flow today and let go of worries and stress around money and possessions. As you do, open your energy for positive change to come through so that you can grow personally and financially.

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