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How We Work With You

At the core of what we do is help you learn to trust yourself again. We want you to get in touch with your inner guidance to learn how to use it to make the best decisions and choices to reach your goals.


At Zeniverse, we believe in helping you tap into the universe to discover the resources and guidance you need within yourself to guide your way. You have all the answers and we want to help you find them. Through our classes, you will learn how to tune into the universe and use the information to guide your path, decisions, and have better relationships.

Coaching and Challenge Sessions

We run challenges each month to help you in a specific topic area, such as self esteem and confidence, or learning to meditate. Our challenges are often easy to complete and we also offer private coaching to help you through any area where you feel stuck but want help to reach your goals. A challenge can be fun and exciting to kick off your new daily practice and reach your goals quickly.

Think Zen, Be Zen Coaching

Bring a smile back to your face by eliminating the thoughts that keep you from living your life. Too often past negative experiences keep you stuck in procrastination, blame and self sabotage, and keep you low on energy. With Think Zen, Be Zen Coaching, I help you using moving meditation techniques, Mindfulness and CBT based resources to calm your emotions and mind to work through reframing those past negative experiences to feel more positive about moving forward in your life.

Energy Healing Sessions

When you’re feeling stressed or like something just isn’t right, but not sure of the reason, an energy healing session can release anxiety and low energy from your body. Even if you’re experiencing a cold or other physical symptom, a healing session may help release the issue or alleviate the symptoms of it. Healing sessions rebalance your aura, body, mind, and soul so that you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Energy Management

If you feel low on energy, having ongoing Energy Management sessions will help you feel more empowered and joyful. Sometimes as empaths, we pick up and absorb other people’s energy too easily. We also get stuck more easily when we feel angry or sad and find these heavy feelings keep us unmotivated. Through Energy Management sessions, you can receive ongoing support to release the heavy energy from your body to feel light and energized again.

Hypnosis & Past Life Regressions

Hypnosis is an effective way to retrain your brain to change behaviors that are getting in the way of reaching your goals. You can use hypnosis to help with any issue you’re experiencing. There’s mp3s available and live sessions. A past life regression helps you release past negative experiences that you have no clue where they began from or why they’re even affecting you. Sometimes these issues could be from a past life and are affecting you in this life time. In a session, we release these underlying events and the issues from your present life time.

Medium Sessions

When you’ve lost a loved one, you may have a lot of questions about their experience on the other side. You may feel there’s unfinished communication between you and the crossed over loved on. Through a Medium Session, we can tap into them together and ensure we have the right spirit through evidential information about them when they were on earth. Messages are passed from them to you and you are able to ask question. A Medium Session can help release feelings of grief for your loved one.

Psychic Sessions

If you’re feeling confused about a relationship, work situation, or decision, a psychic reading can provide the clarity you need. Through a session, you will find the answers from the help of the universe guiding you towards your higher path. A psychic reading can often verify what you already know to be true, but still need to talk with someone about to fully understand what’s happening in reality. A session can often be a look behind the scenes at the thoughts and motivations of another individual.

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