Happy customers.

“Very strong and powerful advice that has shaken me. I needed help and I have gained clarity from Gabrielle. Thank you”

Jenn T.

“Very insightful and helpful reading and healing with great after care. Thank you!”


“The past life event was described so detailed that i thought i was reading a storybook but the main character is me. The emotions and traits are spot on. Thanks for helping me to overcome my inner fear.”

Andy C.

“Based on what you told me, I was able to reflect on how my life circumstances affected my current state of being today. I realized that I needed resolution to a couple of things that were on my mind, and I ended up crying a little right after our session (and into the morning, actually). It helped release some of the negative feelings I had that were trapped inside of me for quite some time. I also how it was important to react to and experience the world around me in order to grow as a soul and stay healthy (at least the positive experiences).


I could feel some of the blockages in my head and heart area being released yesterday while you were working on me, and I feel less congested. Thank you so much!”

“I am thrilled with this reading and the channeled prayer was even better! Gabby zeroed in on specific things only I and the person can know about, it’s quite amazing. Her insights on the chakras are one of the best. Thank you for your help :). Highly recommend.”



“Many Thanks…Am still processing *(i.e.; taking it all in) and there’s plenty to do. ~ I highly recommend, but more – the person…. Very responsive, informative, helpful and friendly :)))”

12Raymond E.


“Wonderful experience with Gabrielle who provides the details which resonates which how I have been feeling in me. She put the words in writing which my mind may be portraying but unable to put a full picture. Gabrielle makes me understand myself better. Thank you”

38Jenn T.


“I came to Gabrielle because I felt challenged by a block in generating money and not sure what direction to go in for my career. I have always known how to create steady income, but lately felt unbalanced, not sure what to do. During the Energy Scan session, Gabrielle tuned in and confirmed that I am re-creating myself and going in a different direction. I felt guided to the right path during our session. I finally feel joyful and know what to do next. I had not felt that way in a long time. I appreciate her holding the space during our session to explore what was coming to the surface for me. Her positive energy helped me feel okay to talk about what I sensed was right for me and the new direction I wanted to go in. She helped me realize my inner strength and trust my Clairsentience. I feel more confident in realizing how I want to use my abilities in care giving service to the elderly. I feel it is a step in the right direction that will lead to fulfillment in my life.”

Kathryn Halbleib-Wood

Excellent work. Thanks so much Gabrielle. She went above and beyond my expectations and I recommend her services to anyone. Very detailed work and valuable information.

22Terry A.

How nice to be truly seen and heard. Thank you

49Shala H.



Very helpful, caring, friendly, I have high hopes for improvements in life!

me_with_catEd Love

Alwayss a pleasure to work with Gabrielle. She's very pleasant, detailed and genuinely helpful. Highly recommend

img_20160801_141214Jan C.

“Thank you. She went above and beyond and also explained who my twin flame was and was accurate, without any information from me. Highly recommended.”





Beverly E.


“Beautiful spirit. Love your straight forward advice! Will always come back as you always ease my anxious spirit.”







“Very detailed, answered my questions and now I can breathe easy. Only one I use and recommend!!”




Anna M.


DanHanneman“She has the ability to intuitively know what is needed. Gabrielle has the golden touch of the angels in her ability to communicate. She has been supporting us as we grew into a multi-6 figure business and now laying the foundation for 7-figures and beyond!!

She is an angel that will listen deeply and speak directly about what she sees needs to be done. There are few people that are easier to work with in the world than Gabrielle. You can trust that she is of the deepest integrity.”

Daniel John Hanneman


“Thank you so much, You really were right on spot,”







“As always, very clear and direct but also very detailed. She is the real deal! I have used her before and now I think I found my very own personal psychic!!!”




Anna M.


“I cannot thank you enough and always providing guidance, highly recommended will use again in the future”





Moe S.


“I was surprised when you knew i am a web and mobile app designer and developer 🙂 Perhaps, it is something that i have been doing right now 🙂

I think i am pretty much clear. I really loved your reading. You are truly gifted. Hard to find authentic psychic like you. I will make a second order so you can give insights on my particular area of life :)”

not_too_dorkyNikhil P.

“Simply excellent – the report was in-depth and touched upon other interconnected lifetimes I hadn’t considered before. Also received helpful advice and tips with regard to my next step forward. Definitely noticed a difference through the clearing. Highly recommended!”




Arti A.



“Wonderfull work. What i can say, looking now at the message that i sent her is totaly different of what i feel, see now. This means that what she did, she did right. A healing that it start to change my life. Thank you.”





July A.



“I recently received an intuitive energy healing scan from Gabrielle and am still feeling the awesome effects. Gabrielle is highly intuitive and leaves no stone unturned as she dives deep into the heart of the matter. Issues and feelings around health, work and career, love and relationships and money are all touched upon and brought to greater levels of awareness and emotional release. I recommend the intuitive energy healing work Gabrielle offers to anyone who has simply had enough of feeling “enough is enough” and is ready to do something about it. She includes action steps that bring immediate relief, results and angelic presence that you will want to experience for yourself.

Gabrielle thank u
And much love and gratitude to u”

Alice J.

In the past, if I was ever asked to try something like an energy scan I would have refused, I am a spiritual person who grew up in the Church, not believing in anything other than the Bible. This year has been very difficult for me, I reached a point where nothing was helping me get my life back on track.Then I was referred to Gabrielle, at first I was skeptical to try her energy scan, during the session she was revealing things about myself that were 95% accurate, stuff no one else but me COULD KNOW! I was truly amazed and shocked, none of my personal information has ever been broadcasted on the internet, nor to friends or family, so for her to describe the emotions and energy of my experiences was unbelievable. I highly recommend trying this process for anyone who needs hope, or is trying to understand what has held them back from becoming the individual they want to be, I am truly glad that I didn’t allow my past ignorance to prevent me from going through this experience. See the video here!

Ronald M.


“Wonderful experience! Reading was very detailed and everything resonated with me. I will be a forever customer.”

Bethany C.

“This confirmed what I have been told by other healers and I found it very beautiful and healing in itself! Thank you and I will likely be back again!”

Kate C.

“You nailed this one for me. I feel a sense of lightness already. Thank you for doing a great session.”

Adam T.

Clarity, Confirmation And Healing In Life Purpose, Business And Relationship

Please make sure to have only one situation in mind that you’d like more information to find out what’s going on in that area of your life.”
My attention kept being pulled back to that one line in Gabrielle’s email. One situation. But there were two. There was the situation chosen by my head, my business. And the situation being called out from my heart, a relationship that had ended it’s cycle. My head told my heart not to be ridiculous. My heart grew louder saying this was what was what would point the way.

Agreeing the two were connected, we began our session. Gabrielle, in short, blew me away. She dove into the cracks and crevasses of the events of my life, and provided clarity, wisdom, solace, and powerful confirmation of my path. She simultaneously brought healing, and energizing focus that cleared blocks and illuminated the way.

She is filled with powerful grace, generosity of spirit, and exceptional insight. This is the work that will shine the light to point the way towards the path you intend to forge.

Deb Owen

“ABSOLUTELY with conviction Gabrielle is accurate and true. I thoroughly enjoyed this healing and to hear about a young memory that I had was amazing! My past life experience she picked up on is clarity for me. I have the gift of Clairvoyance and Mediumship. This makes me feel more confident in that this is a gift to be practiced!”

13339442_10153415808176741_280725093223231857_nAndy Benson

“Again…..fantastic reading from Gabrielle. She Always says something that you never shared with her that makes you know for sure that what she’s saying is accurate. Very generous, kind and good spirit.”

Jan C.

“AMAZING reading! Really! It was easy to read, to the point and of all of the readings I’ve received, hands down the best! It was also crazy accurate about the situations :)”

Emily P.

“Always a pleasure to have a reading with Gabrielle; such a lot of helpful, positive information that makes whatever situation is troubling you seem clearer. A lovely person who gives far more than expected. :-)”

Doria B.

482151_575498055794769_440957126_nDebbie G.

“Good experience, professionnal work, serious.”

27Adia G.

“Reading was complete and very detailed. In particular this was a very positive reading, so I am looking forward to the outcome! Really enjoyed this session! Thanks”

img_20160801_141214Jan C.


“Fantastic. Very insightful. Great energy. Gabby was kind enough to give me extra minutes.”



“Wow! Totally impressed. Great detail in recording, really accurate and picked up on many thing.”

18“Thank you for the generously-long reading! Some of the insights you mentioned have already started to take place–how exciting. I appreciate your kind and sincere presence. Many thanks! :)”

“Beautiful soul to work with and wonderful reading! Love working with her & hope to again in the future. Her gift is wonderful.”

63Pam W.



Finally I found a great reader. Thanks a lot for your reading. I almost cry when I heard it as you describe totally the situation! Thanks !!!




Paula B.





This reading was excellent and exceeded my expectations. She is a very talented reader. Thank you very much!




Joy C.




As always a real pleasure working with her! I am glad I worked with her again, and happily refer her out!




Rachael B.




Very heartfelt, accurate, and genuine. I look forward to these predictions.




Ines S.



“Wow. Thank you Gabrielle! Wonderful reading…done with heart and consciousness. Prompt and thorough; highly recommend Gabrielle.

I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty exciting year. I really appreciate your time, energy and the heart you infused into my reading. I will definitely say the prayer, often. & I’ll let you know how things materialize.”

“Amazing!!! .Gabrielle’s offering a 10 min recording (mine went up to 16 mins more than promised) which sounds like she’s doing the reading in front of you or your presence.She told me many things besides love,that are true. You must get a reading from her as she’s genuine and truly gifted.”
beachAmelia P.

“WOWWWWW! You’re spetacular! Pretty accurate about actual relationship and gave me good advices for future. Gave much more than I expected. Thank you!”
58 Luiz P.

“Such an amazing reading! The accuracy was so real and on point brought me to tears! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I will be coming back and chatting more with you! Thank you so much! Blessings to you!”

Rachael B.

“This confirmed what I have been told by other healers and I found it very beautiful and healing in itself! Thank you and I will likely be back again!”

Janet P.

“Immense value. Very comprehensive. If I can say, a very “soulful” reading. This reading moved me to tears it was so accurate (and I’m a grown man…lol). I appreciate you deeply for using your gift.”

Adam T.

36Phyllis M.

“Wonderful experience with Gabrielle! She gave me a very detailed reading with specifics & exercises to work on my blockages. She also gave a bonus of healing for each blockage & any message presented from what she saw. I highly rec. Thanks!”

1467070673765_profileAmy B.

“thank you So much! super fast delivery and was what I definitely needed at this time. thoughtful and gave me insight that helps so much right now. def recommend! thank you! 🙂 once again amazing 🙂 thank you so much!!”

She is amazing. Very detailed, thoughtful, and supportive. She's honest, but caring. She has an open communication and look forward to working with her soon!

59Janet P.

Wonderful reading...done with heart and consciousness. Prompt and thorough; highly recommend Gabrielle.

kaia-eKaia E.

Excellent!! Very touching reading, and unbelievably accurate about my personality and personal situation. She gave me so much insight on my situation, so I appreciate her very much! thank you for your outstanding work! Highly Recommended!

57Hazel G.

wow!! amazing. very thorough. really surprised by the depth of scan and report! highly recommend.

25Stephanie P.

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